Our objective is to make the process of creating a website as easy as possible for you. Below you will find packages designed to build professional, affordable and effective websites. All of these plans make use of our favorite Content Management System – WordPress. Select the package which best fits the scope of your current website plan.


$ 700

Per Month1 – 10 Pages


$ 1000

Per Month10 – 25 Pages


$ 1200

Per Month25 – 50 Pages

Design Process Overview

I. Listen

We carefully  listen to your needs, ideas and criteria to paint the best possible picture of your goals. During this stage we gather information with our online questionnaire about the purpose, tone and functions to build a site that accurately reflects you.

II. Design

This is where the magic happens. Based on your specifications a theme is customized for your site using branding elements, color themes, imagery, typography, content and ideas about the site structure and navigation.

III. Develop

You will be brought into the decision making part of this phase and once approved by you we can move to the next on. First we ask for feedback from you on the design draft. We then apply the necessary adjustments and present you with the finished product.

IV. Launch

After approval and any final revisions have been applied we introduce you to the easy to use content management system. You’ll be able to update your content, add and remove as needed. We will also show you how to use your new email accounts. Once launched you can broadcast to the world that your new site is now online.

V. Promote

At this stage your site is complete and ready for life online. We begin the Social Media and Search Engine Optimization campaign to help your audience find your new website. This can be overwhelming and time consuming to do on your own and if its not included in your package we can add it as an additional service.

VI. Maintain

We are still here to help your site perform it’s best! We can monitor the health of your site, create backups and update the website with content and software when needed. Additional support and statistical reporting by email is also available through our management service which is billed monthly.


Typically timing is anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks depending the complexity of the project and the amount of time you require to bring content and project resources, (i.e. website text, photography, artwork, media etc.). If you need help at any stage to produce content that’s why we’re here – so let us know how we can help.


When you register to begin your new website design project 50% is due up front with the remainder due at project completion. After selecting your package you will be given all the payment options. We accept payments online via credit card and bank transfers. We also provide a milestone billing option for large and long lasting projects.


To create a website, you will need a domain name and web hosting . A domain name is an address that points to a website i.e. Web hosting is online storage space where the website files are kept. We offer an affordable managed hosting service which is billed yearly. Your domain name and email address are all included in our hosting package. If you decide to host your website with a 3rd party, we can help you choose one that will meet the technical requirements of your website.